Wednesday, 31 May 2017

God's way - always

Then David gave his son Solomon the plan of the vestibule of the temple, and of its houses, its treasuries, its upper rooms, and its inner chambers, and of the room for the mercy seat.
“All this, in writing at the LORD’s direction, he made clear to me – the plan of the works.”    
                         1 Chron. 28.11, 19                                                                                                                   

God made it quite clear to David that he was not to build the temple: Thus says the LORD: You shall not build me a house to live in. (1 Chron. 17.4)

Notwithstanding this, David chose the site for the temple (1 Chron. 22.1); he prepared the tradesmen and the materials (22.2-5); he organised the priesthood (chs 23,24), the temple musicians (ch 25), the gatekeepers, treasurers, officers and judges (ch 26), the military divisions and other civic leaders (ch 27).

Now he gives Solomon a most detailed plan which includes not only the layout but specific details of furnishings.

He tells Solomon that all this is at the Lord’s direction. David was denied the actual building of the temple, but so much else was entrusted to him by God.

There is a big lesson here for me. Whether I sense God deny me certain action or appoint me for specific tasks, I need to be sure of what exactly God expects of me. David earlier illustrated this when he came up against the Philistines, for the action God gave him was different on two seemingly similar occasions.

It seems to me that the answer is to seek God’s way – and to keep seeking it!

Lord God,

My desire is unchanged. It is to walk with You and live in the fullness of Your will. Show me clearly the ways You would have me go, and keep me in those ways, in Jesus’ name I ask.             Amen.

Monday, 29 May 2017

All things

Joab son of Zeruiah began to count them, but did not finish; yet wrath came upon Israel for this, and the number was not entered into the account of the annals of King David.   1 Chron. 27.24                                                                                                           

On an earlier occasion (ch 21), David had attempted a census of Israel. In so doing he incurred God’s wrath. Now Joab begins a count and, again, wrath comes upon Israel.

The message is clear. God does not want us to boost our confidence by counting those who are on our side. God’s way is a way of trust. He wants us to trust Him. All we will ever need we will find in God. I am called to trust Him in this. But I am also to trust Him for timing as well as for provision. God not only knows what I need, He also knows when I need! I see my part in this as sticking close to God. As I seek Him in all things and as I press in to find and to follow His way, together we will forge a partnership.

I am reminded of the inseparable partnership I see when I am yoked with Christ. This is the way to go. I am not a sole trader that I must work it out on my own. I am half of a very special, and most wonderful, partnership. My partner happens to be capable of anything. Nothing is impossible for Him. And when I am yoked to Him, all things become possible for me.

How glorious is this! I take on afresh today my commitment to Him. I place my faith, trust and obedience in my mighty and loving God.

Great God, Precious Father,

I come to You in trust and submission. I give myself to go Your way. I humbly express my gratitude that You have chosen me. I respond in obedience.

Yet I am human. Lord, help me to remain faithful. Convict me by Your Holy Spirit when I am tempted to stray. May I know the joy of walking with You, and may our journey together be blessed and fruitful.               Amen.

Saturday, 27 May 2017


This is the list of the people of Israel, the heads of families, the commanders of the thousands and the hundreds, and their officers who served the king in all matters concerning the divisions that came and went, month after month throughout the year, each division numbering twenty-four thousand.                                          1 Chron. 27.1

What follows this verse is a listing of men, heads of their families and leaders in David’s administration. A different leader is appointed for each month of the year. In some instances successors are named. Each man heads a division of twenty-four thousand. These are the people who support David and facilitate his reign.

What I discern from this passage is wise leadership. The authority is shared. There is strength, numbers, loyalty and continuity in this arrangement. I believe trust would have been a major element.

As I consider David’s model, I ponder on its godliness. The whole arrangement might have come from David’s military training and the input of his expert strategists. But I rather sense God’s input. It is as if God is saying:
“Consider my way in what you read of David’s organisation. My way is one of order. I have people identified for all key positions. If they are loyal to me the result will be a strong body with all the resources that are necessary. The duties will be shared between the most capable people. Succession will be assured when the focus is on me. All that is required of you is that you trust me and give me your full obedience. There are many in my family, many work for me and with me. You are one such. Know that you are part of the most amazing whole, and without you the rest isn’t complete. You are key in the work of my body. Take your place willingly, and joyfully.”

Lord God, I come!

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