Saturday, 30 May 2015


“The one who sent me is with me; he has not left me alone, for I always do what pleases him.”                                                                                                            John 8.29

Jesus is validating His testimony. He confirms His oneness with the Father. The Father sent Him and He lives in full obedience to the Father.

         “I do nothing on my own, but speak just what the Father has taught me.” (v 28)

Jesus’ oneness with the Father ensures that the Father is constant in His life. His obedience to the Father’s will results in the Father’s presence with Him at all times.

There is a message and an encouragement here for me. As I seek to live in obedience to the Father, He will be with me. He will guide and direct me. He will equip and strengthen me. He will protect and preserve me.

Today, I also pick up a further meaning to the phrase he has not left me alone.

I feel as if God is saying, “As you commit to live in obedience to me, I will most assuredly be with You. And I will certainly not leave you alone. I will lead you and guide you. I will prod you in the direction I want you to go. Sometimes I might even provoke you into doing those things that are in my plan for you to outwork and achieve. Some of these things may appear ordinary and of no great import. Other might appear amazing and almost impossible. They all have value. All are necessary to the building of My Kingdom. I ask you to be obedient in all that I call you to do.”

Lord God,

May I ever be obedient to Your will. I want to truly follow Jesus and live a life in which I follow the path You have ordained for me.

Jesus sought You out. He looked for You in everything. I want to do likewise. Be with me, Lord. Show me Your way, lead me in it, in Jesus’ name I ask.                    Amen.

Wednesday, 27 May 2015


“For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened.”                                                                                   Matt. 7.8

What impacts me greatly with this verse is its inclusive nature. No one is exempt. God will respond to anyone who reaches out to Him.

What then of the one who says, “I asked God but He didn’t give to me” or, “I cried out to God and He ignored me, He didn’t respond”? In such cases, I believe the key lies in our interpretation of the answer. God may well answer in all cases but, if the answer is not what we want or expect, we may think there has been no answer at all. We can easily allow disappointment to take hold of us.

I recall my own experiences when God has not answered as I would have hoped. Indeed, there have been times when I’ve thought He either hasn’t heard me, or He’s choosing not to listen. Of course, this is not so. In time, I’ve often come to see God’s response, and to realise that His answer (or solution) was  not what I was seeking or hoping for at the time, yet it has turned out to be most beneficial to me.

I’m realising that when I ask, seek or knock, in addition to the initial action, I need to ask God to lead me into His response and to give me a perspective to see what He wants for me, rather than what I, perhaps selfishly, seek for myself.

Can I keep myself alert to His ways rather than focus too closely on what I want? I hope so!

Lord God,

You have told me that Your ways are not my ways. Indeed, Your ways are higher than my ways, and Your thoughts higher than my thoughts.

Help me to look to the higher way, Your way for me. Enable me, with the help of Your Holy Spirit, to surrender myself to Your higher thoughts.           Amen.

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Sunday, 24 May 2015

Without sin!

When they kept on questioning him, he straightened up and said to them, “If any one of you is without sin, let him be the first to throw a stone at her.”                       John 8.7

This story of the first stone is well known, yet it never ceases to impact me. By this simple statement, Jesus reminds us that we are all sinners, that no one is exempt. We can make no accusations against each other from a sinless-ness in ourselves.

Jesus is different. He was able to pass judgment because He, alone, was without sin. But He chose not to do so. He spoke clearly to the woman, of an opposite intent, “Then neither do I condemn you.”

Jesus’ words to all of us are not words of condemnation, but of love. He says, 
“I chose you! I chose you so that I could love you. I love you so much that I am willing to lay down my life for you. You are special to me. Know this. Come to me and relax. I am here to share peace and the power of peace with you. All you have to do is receive. The work has already been done. Receive me, and live in me.”

Lord Jesus,

I receive You afresh today. This is a new day and it brings new opportunity to live in You. I receive You and I commit to following You. Be with me. Fill me with Your presence.

Guide me in wisdom and peace. Let me bring You to all those with whom I shall have contact today. I pray especially for this.

Touch us all, Lord, with Your loving presence. May we be open to receive. Help us to let go of any impediment or burden. Your burden is easy. We want to come to You that our burden, also, will lighten.

Holy Lord, You are the way. I pray that many today will find their way in You.

Lead me through this day. Use me, please, to touch many with Your love and grace. I ask this in Your precious and powerful name.                   Amen.

My book “God Talk” is available through major Internet booksellers.
A taste of the book's content can be seen in the You Tube clip (Search: Peter Francis - "God Talk").

Thursday, 21 May 2015


Still, many in the crowd put their faith in him. They said, “When the Christ comes, will he do more miraculous signs that this man?”                     John 7.31

Miraculous signs are certainly evidence of God’s work in a human life. People are healed and circumstances changed in the most miraculous way. But one of the most powerful miracles that I believe Jesus can work in anyone’s life is that inner change from unbelief to belief.

As the heart surrenders to Jesus, other things change. Previously aggressive and uncooperative behaviour can calm and a more willing manner come forth. Sometimes, noticeable external change occurs in an individual.

Jesus says, “Follow me.” The receiving of Jesus in the heart is but the beginning of following. As we continue to seek after Him, we become more like Him. Worldly, antagonistic attitudes must go, and a more Christ-like demeanour comes into being. This is how it should be, and it must not be false or forced. If I am sincere about following Jesus then I can expect real change to come about in me such that I truly grow more like Him with each passing day.

What could be more miraculous than the Church, the Body of Christ, acting and living like its Head?

Holy Lord,

I pray for the miraculous. Indeed, I would delight to see signs and miracles unfold in my ministry for You. I wait on You for this.

Yet, surely miraculous would be to see the body of Christ truly follow its head and become more and more Christ-like. This is our mission. This is our destiny. I pray for a mighty revival in the church. Lord, wake us up to our inheritance. We are meant to draw closer to You, to become more like Jesus every day. I offer myself for this. Start with me, Lord. May I grow like Jesus. May I seek You in every moment. May I live to do Your will. I ask this in the loving and powerful name of Jesus.           Amen.