Saturday, 30 August 2014


And afterward,
I will pour out my Spirit on all people.
Your sons and daughters will prophesy,
your old men will dream dreams,
your young men will see visions.
                                                  Joel 2.28

God will bring restoration and then He will pour out His Spirit without discrimination. All will participate. It seems also that people will receive revelation – old men through dreams and young men with visions. God’s plan will embrace everyone – if we are only willing! Again, we have a choice.

It seems that this word is not strictly for now. It comes “afterward”. Joel has spoken of a restoration. This is followed by the Messianic period, the time of a great outpouring of the Spirit. This is what we can look forward to. And there is time, still, for those who presently spurn God to come to Him.

In this time, believers can intercede, and cry out to God to be merciful to those that shun Him. Are they deserving of God’s mercy? Maybe not! But then, neither are believers. This is the wonder of God’s love. It has no limits. It is extended to all, for God had no favourites (Rom. 2.11).

Lord God,

I thank You for my salvation. I thank You that You drew me to You and led me into further relationship.

I pray for those who don’t know You. My heart cries out for them. Be merciful, O Holy One, and lead them into the truth, into Your light and into Your love.

I pray especially for those I know and for those who are dear to me. Father God, please touch them with the Father’s love, that they will know the reality of the great love You have for them. And may they respond in giving their lives over to Your lordship.

I cry out for the lost. Hear my prayer. Reach out to them. Let them see their great need and how it is fully met in You. I ask, believing for miracles of love, in Jesus’ mighty name.                          Amen.

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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

He gives

He who did not spare his own Son, but gave him up for us all – how will he not also, along with him, graciously give us all things?                    Rom.8.32

Paul reminds me of the ultimate – and supreme – sacrifice God made for me. He gave the most precious thing He could. He gave of Himself, truly of Himself. And He gave this to me.

Do I realise just how much He loves me? I wonder if I truly do get hold of the love He has for me. Am I deserving? Most certainly not! Yet, instead of feeling ashamed at this fact, I’m feeling privileged that God ignores (or perhaps discounts) my unworthiness and gives to me abundantly and generously. This is because of who He is, not who I am. God loves me. Let me see and accept this with all of my being.

Paul proceeds, by way of a question, to suggest that God will give me all things. All things, that is, that will benefit me in my growth in Him. There may be things that I would like God to give me, but these might be irrelevant or superfluous. Let me not hanker after such. Rather let me look for, and go for, those things that grow me in Him, that draw me closer to Him.

Also in this verse is the beautiful word “graciously”. God gives to me out of His grace. He gives to me in grace. I see grace as emanating from God’s love for me. His love manifests in grace, in mercy, in understanding and forgiveness, and in blessing. He loves me, and I receive all the wonderful benefits of His love.

Holy God,

I am undeserving of the wonderful love You have for me. Forgive me please. Let me not presume on Your love but let me receive it in grace.

Let me, also in grace, share and spread Your love. Help me, please, to daily live a life that is honouring and pleasing to You.


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Saturday, 23 August 2014


What, then, shall we say in response to this? If God is for us, who can be against us?
                  Rom. 8.31

Paul issues a challenge here. He makes the statement that God is for us. He questions – this being so, who could possibly be against us? And he challenges what we might say in response.

This morning I was reflecting on those sad instances when people are hurt in the church, the Body of Christ. It happens, and it can touch any of God’s children. As well as the lay members of God’s family, I have known ministers and pastors who have been hurt, even damaged, in the church. It causes sadness and grief to me.

I am reminded of an experience of some years ago when God spoke clearly to me on the issue of people being hurt, by others, in the church. God said:

“These are my children, and they are being hurt by others of my children.”

God showed me His heart in that moment. I sobbed at the revelation. He loves us all, and it grieves Him when we hurt each other.

As this recollection came back to me today, I saw clearly how hurt comes out of our humanity and not out of our relationship with Him. God is not into hurting us, and He doesn't want us to hurt each other. Certainly there may be times when He will bring reprimand and correction. There may be times when it appears that He’s being hurtful to us. I suggest, at such times, the “hurt” is likely to be to our pride! God will not damage us. Any reprimand or further action He brings upon us will ultimately grow us, building us into a more Christ-like person.

God is truly for us. And, with this, I know that nothing and nobody can really be against me. Nothing can really damage me.

My response, then, to Paul’s question is:

            Hallelujah! Praise God for His love and His faithfulness.
            I receive Him as “for me”, and I hold fast to Him against
            anything that would try to negatively affect me.

Almighty God,

You are indeed for me, and all that is You protects and strengthens me. How blessed I am. I embrace You in love and thanks. I ask that, like You, I might be “for” all of Your children.      

My book “God Talk” is available through major Internet booksellers.
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